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Activating Shoppers in a

Digital World

Digital Path to Purchase

Connecting with shoppers can be challenging for both retailers and manufacturers. Shoppers no longer take a clear, direct path along the decision making process. Digital shopper marketing is a complement to both in-store and offline efforts.

According to Forrester, the majority of U.S. in-store sales in 2015 will be digital influenced, by 2017, more than 60%. For the majority of considered purchases, people are researching online before and during their in-store trip. When looking at how mobile influences retail, a Harris Poll survey conducted in October 2014, found that 39% of consumers used their smartphone to find a local retailer, 38% wanted social feedback on a potential gift and 33% were searching for an in-store coupon.

How does a brand distinguish themselves from their competition? By creating an omnichannel approach with a digital strategy that entices a customer to add a brand to their shopping list, to ensure that customers are shopping by brand, not by category.

Activating shoppers in a digital world, means looking at all points of conversion starting with organic search to social engagement and paid media.

Mining Shopper Insights

Part of the Connect 1-1 platform uses specific shopper insights that influence future micro-targeting campaigns. Some of our offerings include the following:

  • Social listening: Listening to who, what, where, why, when and how to discover key shopper insights
  • Social profiling: Defining true brand champions by developing personas
  • Programmatic technology: Media solutions that apply profiling to a media campaign

The Driving Force of Instagram

Instagram allows users to take photos or video and post to the platform or share on others like Facebook or Twitter. According to eMarketer, 77.6 million people in the U.S. will access their Instagram account via any device at least monthly. By 2018, this figure is expected to pass 100 million people. Instagram photos and videos have the highest engagement with branded content posts than any other social platform.

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Connect 1-1’s Digital Activation Platform, is able to integrate a brand’s Instagram following with a promotional offer. To find out more, email us at