• Direct to Consumer Print-at-Home Coupons

    Connect1-1 delivers print-at-home coupons simultaneously across multiple channels (paid media, social media, email, blogger outreach and websites). And is the only coupon platform that reports when and where your customer engaged with your offer.


    Key Benefits:

    • State-of-the-art security and fraud protection
    • No clip fees
    • 8 distribution links included in one low cost
    • 24/7 access to analytics panel
    • Customizable brand print window


  • How it Works

    Distribute offer across various platforms, reaching consumers at multiple touch points.

  • Create a Push Connection to Your Consumer

    Build brand awareness and increase engagement with your customer through paid media, social, email, blogger outreach and your website—reaching consumers at multiple touch points.

  • Paid Media

    Ensure optimization in real time with programmatic media buying


    Utilize social media platforms to push messages and offers to your audience


    Connect with your audience easily and effectively through email

    Blogger Outreach

    Utilize influencer marketing to expand your reach

    Website Coupon Gallery

    Integrate a gallery seamlessly into your website

    Mobile Ads

    Understand the difference between mobile and desktop and where your audience connects

  • How It Works for Agencies

    Shopper marketing and ad agencies now sit in the driver’s seat of coupon marketing

    1. New Revenue Stream. Purchase Connect 1-1 and resell it to your clients.
    2. Invaluable Insights. Gain invaluable insights into consumer behavior for future media buys. 
    3. Multiple Channels, One Fee. Distribute coupons across multiple marketing channels with no per-print fees. 
  • 24/7 Access to Your Analytics Dashboard

    Designed for real time optimization and converting while capturing actionable data.

  • A Few of Our Engaging Manufacturers

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    Activate and track consumer engagement today via social, mobile, email and digital for one low cost and no clip fees.


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