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Digital Coupons Versus FSIs

According to Inmar’s 2015 Industry Trends, digital coupons account for only 2.9% of distribution while FSIs account for 89.1%. Even though FSIs may be more widely distributed, they require more lead-time to execute and their redemption rates are declining. Digital coupons, on the other hand, have a shorter lead-time for execution for a more nimble marketplace approach, and their redemption rates are higher than FSIs.

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Depending upon what digital coupon provider you use, your digital coupon may not be cost effective or scalable due to channel execution constraints. Connect 1-1 coupons are both cost effective and scalable. For a small one-time fee, a single coupon can be distributed simultaneously across any of your marketing channels with no per print fee. Therefore, Internet coupons, specifically Connect 1-1 coupons, when executed strategically, are a low cost option with mass appeal. Email for more information.

Source: What is the Future of Digital Coupons? NatPromoReports, 2016.